Our services

Our services are focused to increase impact on our clients businesses with processes, products and platforms.

We divide our services in two tiers:


Resource and strength in Retail, Reseller, Omnichanel.  Right Infrastructure, agile and flexible.


Processes, People and Platforms Analytics, Segmentation, Conversion and Monetization, Digital Marketing.

Services provided to brands

PEO Service

Have a regional workforce, without having to set up a complex infrastructure

Outside  Service

External services such as hire of manpower, procurement, marketing, etc.

BTL Service

Promotion, activation of sales of campaigns, influencers. program, store checkers, etc.

Facilities Services

Contracts with office and warehouse in the region, avoid legal risk

Expenses Reports Service

Management of expense report

(beyond corporate card)

Special Programs/Projects

Influencers, Evangelist, Keynotes,



Specific support on demand

Business Direction-Coaching

Success case sessions, market advice, situational. analysis, market status, etc.

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